Cashew nuts

We are supplying high quality Cashew nuts all over the world with resasonable price .

Available in different grades, Cashew Nuts come in different size packaging. The Cashew Nuts are well acknowledged for their freshness, long shelf life and natural taste. Further, Cashew Nuts are packed in food grade material to prevent them from biological contamination.

Grade cashew nut : WW 210, WW 320, WW240, LP, WS, W450, LBW, SW320, SW, WB, SS

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1. Grade: W240, W320 
– Moisture: 5% Max
– Broken: 5% Max
– Melasma: 3% Max
– Mould and fungus: 0%
– Admixture: 1% Max
– Silk sell: 3% Max
– Dent rate: 3% Max

2. Grade: WS
– Moisture: 5% max
– Foreign matter : 1%max
– Broken: vertical broken
– Live insect and larvas: Negative
– Coliforms, salmonella: Negative

3. Grade: LP
– Moisture: 5% Max 
– Melasma: 3% Max
– Admixture: 1% Max
Live insect and larvas: Negative
– Coliforms, salmonella: Negative

Other Details :
Packaging : In vacuum bag or tin box
Delivery : 25 days after down payment
Color : White light ash
Style : Dried

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